Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Eyes Have It

I just came from an appointment with my opthalmologist. This is the person who first suggested that I might have Leukemia after he found retinal hemorraging in my eyes. When he looked at my retinas today, the bleeding had cleared up considerably, but was still present. He expects that this will go away in time. In the meantime, my vision has been much better, especially in terms of light sensitivity. I continue to feel good with minimal side effects.

The other major change has been my involvement with the online world of CML. There are many communities on the internet and each diagnosis has its own message boards and discussion groups. I have been very impressed with the boards I have read. I posted a link to this blog on one of the sites and received some great messages of support from people who I have never met before. I have also received many messages of support from friends and family who have read this blog. That really lifts my spirits a lot.

I received an email from a mom of a CML patient who was diagnosed the same week I was. Her blog is very insightful from the mother's perspective. I put a link on my site since I found her writing very profound. The site is Living with CML.

On a more technical note, some people have asked me how they get updates of this blog. I put a couple of links on the page. You can add it to a Google Home Page and it is like a newsreader. If you follow the Google button on the side, it will take you through the process. Also, there is a site feed link if you use a newsreader program. Essentially, the site can be an RSS feed, just like adding any content you might already check regularly. I really like the way the Google Homepage works for this purpose.

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Sue Nguon said...

Jon, thanks for giving me the opportunity to log on and read your very touching "blogs". I've spoken to your dad a couple of times about your situation and found myself at the verge of tears and had to change the subject. It's because not only do I sympathize with what your going through but(since having children myself)it's what I feel your dad must be going through as well. From what I see you are the sunshine of your dad's life and if you could see how he praises you and the expressions of love and pride in his face everytime your name is mentioned to him in a positive way you would understand why I feel so much for what your dad must be going through. Don't get me wrong, no one feels the "core" of this disease more then you do but I just wanted you to know that we are all pulling for you and hope that you make it through this as did the person you mentioned in one of your blogs. I told your dad that I will be making a trip to one of the local blood banks to give a blood sample so that (just in case) you need bone marrow in the future, I could possibly donate. Sorry that my message is long but I sometimes get carried away with my thoughts. One final note is that I want you to know that I see you as an exceptionally brillant, talented and well rounded man. You enlighten this world with your presence and God has more to gain with you being in it that not, which leads me to honestly believe that you'll pull through this and will someday be able to tell your grandchildren about the time in your life (when their mom was just a little girl)when you had "fought and conquered" CML. You are and will continue to be in my prayers. Sue.