Saturday, March 03, 2007


Today is the day. It is one year since I was diagnosed. I remember the day well. I had been at work all day and stopped on the way home to pick up Chinese food for dinner. As I walked in the door, my wife said that the ophthalmologist who I saw that week had called and told me to call him as soon as I got in. I was expecting bad news, but not what he told me. Needless to say, he said I had leukemia and told me to go to the hospital. I was admitted that night and spent the next five days trying to confirm which type of leukemia.

I am not sure if this is a day to celebrate or to mourn. I certainly feel a little odd. I was supposed to be in New York celebrating my cousin's Bat Mitzvah. Instead, I am home because my oldest daughter has strep throat and is feeling very sick.

Anyway, one year has passed quickly and my adventure continues. Thanks to all of the people who have supported me during the past year and made this situation as easy to deal with as possible. Let's hope that this year brings complete remission and CML might be something I can start thinking about in the past tense. Not that it ever goes away, but at least if it is fully in check, I will hopefully think about it even less.

Here is a recent picture of my daughters and nephew since some of you have asked for a recent picture.


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of my grandchildren. They are all terrific. We are all so fortunate for Dr. Druker and his research and Gleevec. We continue to support all of this research and to support each other so that you remain strong and healthy.
We love you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing your Cancerversary post! My husband was just diagnosed with CML about 3 weeks ago. He is responding well to the therapy so far and it is great to hear from someone who is further along the road. Congratulations on your first year of life with CML! May it affect you in only good ways from now on!

lori said...

I think a celebration is in order! Yes, some might think that you may want to mourn the day, but don't you appreciate life so much more now? I know that I do, and I will certainly be celebrating the fact that I am here to enjoy it on my Cancerversary. :)

Sue said...

Hello Jon.
I think it is something to celebrate. Especially since you're doing so well. We do tend to forget how just a year ago your life was turned upside down and today you've been turned upright again. I'll bet that if it weren't for the Gleevic that you have to take on a daily basis, you may not remember that part of your life at all(or maybe no so often). It really is nice to see you doing so well and like I've said many times before, God has a plan for you, that with this battle will come victory and with all you've done and been through this past year, I'd say you've come out of this VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!!

Stay strong and keep the faith and know that silently we are too.


Matt Sinclair said...

G'day Jon,

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary. I was diagnosed with CML in Oct 05...I couldn't believe how fast that 1st year went. You've got a great attitude - don't let it get you down and stop you from enjoying life! It's funny that the longer you stay on Gleevec,the better you feel...

Take it easy and keep updating the blog. (You're pictures are great).


CML said...

John HI,

I was diagnosed with CML just after New Year, talking about a bad start of a year!

I admire your work and courage! I might need to addopt some of this in my life, I feel so lonely and weak.

I live away from my family and they dont know that Im sick. When I visited them last week I was so pleased to be close to them and feeling their love so close to my heart.

Im sure I need to find stregth and courage to fight till the end, but I received sad news last week. My sister is not a match :( and I have only her. To make things worse I have inherited a rare type of bone marrow so the hospital might need my parents blood, and things get complicated since my father is deceased so are my uncles. So Im left here all by myself more or less, my husband is at work most of the time, to try to fight my way through with my 27 years.

I wish you all the best and I will pray to God to bring health upon those who need it!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Jon, I am glad you have gotten to this point so strongly, both physically and emotionally!

Keep on with your healthy attitude and enjoyment of your life, family and friends. The best is yet to come!