Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One Year Results

I had my one year checkup a few weeks ago. This included blood work and the ever popular bone marrow biopsy. Interestingly, my primary oncologist performed the biopsy this time and I hardly felt anything.

The results have just come back and everything seems to be on track. I continue to be in hematological remission and cytogenetic remission. In terms of molecular remission, I have had a 2 log reduction on my PCR test. I was originally at 30% and have dropped to .3%. This is great news at 12 months. The doctors are hoping to have it drop another log (.03 for those of you who don't remember your high school math).

Despite the anxiety of waiting for test results, I have not been particularly anxious about the results. I have been feeling good physically so I was anticipating a positive response. Perhaps I am too distracted by my non-cancer life that CML moves to the back burner. It is nice not to dwell on this issue.

I also just received notice about next fall's Light the Night Event. I am going to start working on this fundraiser soon so stay tuned.


David said...

Those are wonderful results! See you soon.

Love, Dave

Papa Bob said...

I've been told to think "positive" and I know you do... Reduction in the numbers is just great and being distracted is also great. Now with summer coming (someday!)I hope you and the family can enjoy all the warmth that the weather and the rest of the family brings to you. As for the "Light the Night" walk... I've already put the date in my Palm Pilot and look forward to another successful event. We can beat this together...........

Anonymous said...

We will all accept and are happy with continued improvement for the better and know that this will continue. We love you and know that each test does come with a bit of waiting and anxiety for the people who do love you.
Be patient with us as we all want the best for you always.
Love, mom and dad

Living With Cml said...

I love hearing that your non-cancer life is distracting you - I think that is simply wonderful!
Good show on the 2-log reduction; 3-log to arrive soon :-)
Keep up the positive attitude - you are an inspiration.
Love and light
Steven's mom

Anonymous said...

Number 1055 in the Zero Club

Zavie Miller (age 68)
67 Shoreham Avenue
Ottawa, Canada, dxd AUG/99
INF OCT/99 to FEB/00, CHF
No meds FEB/00 to JAN/01
Gleevec since MAR/27/01 (400 mg)
CCR SEP/01. #102 in Zero Club
2.8 log reduction Sep/05
3.0 log reduction Jan/06
2.9 log reduction Feb/07
Tel: 613-726-1117
Fax: 309-296-0807
Cell: 613-202-0204
Yahoo ID: zaviem

Lori said...

Congratulations! Glad to hear the great news :)