Saturday, April 21, 2007


I received an email after my last post from Zavie Miller, a fellow CMLer from Ottawa. He maintains a database of people with CML who have undergone treatment with Gleevec. Zavie wrote to me soon after I was diagnosed as I read the CML discussion boards. He told me about his Zero club. For people who reached a level of zero on a test called PCR, they became members of this club. It essentially indicates that Gleevec is working and you are doing very well with the treatment.

Zavie wrote me yesterday to let me know that I was member #1055 in Zavie's Zero Club. I was excited to reach this level. I remember writing to him telling him that I hoped to join his club soon.

The CML community is strong and supportive. If you have read my comments, you have also seen comments from Annie who maintains a blog called Living with CML. Annie's son Stephen was diagnosed the same week as me and he has also reached the same milestones.

The good news is that Gleevec works and works well. I am very lucky to not only have this treatment, but to have the social and emotional support to fight this battle.


Anonymous said...

This is a good club to be in after a year. Lots of good links to look at also.

Living With Cml said...

Hey there Jon

Well done on your 1055 in the Zavie Club!

Steven is number 987 which has become my absolute favorite number :-)

May you both reach PCRU next, very soon.

Love and Light
Steven's mom

Lori said...

Congrats on reaching Zero!