Friday, March 13, 2009


I just received my latest PCR test results and they came back as undetectable. My scores had been very low (in this game low scores is a good thing). This was the first time, however, that the scores were so low that they could not even be detected or calculated. PCRU is the jargon game given to this level of remission. It is scary to even say that, but complete molecular remission has been achieved.

As a high achiever, I am obviously pleased to receive such great news. The only problem is I can't go any higher. I have plateaued. I guess I can focus on other challenges now.


Dave said...

That is incredible news! See you soon.

Dave, Lisa, Josh and Jake

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news Jon and let Dr Druker continue all of his great research.
Mom and Dad

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Wonderful News Jon...... Other challenges sound like a really great idea too. :)


love and light

Matt said...

Congratulations Jon! This is such wonderful news!

lbailes said...

Congrats Jon, great news!

Anonymous said...

I just came across you blog. Congrats on your PCRU. I was diagnosed with CML in Nov. 2005 and have been PCRU for 2 years now.
Chuckles58 on