Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I just came across a number of news articles about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar having cancer and more specifically, leukemia. I quickly discovered that Kareem has CML, just like me. While I would not wish such a diagnosis on anyone, I was relieved to hear that this was the type he had. It was similar to when I heard about my diagnosis and the doctors congratulated me.

I am happy that Kareem came out with this information and happier still that he will be involved with an educational campaign about the topic.

What I found disheartening was the tone that these news stories took. I got the feeling from some that Kareem was on his death bed when that was clearly not the case. He takes the same medication as me which converted this once deadly diagnosis into a chronic and manageable medical condition. Kareem continues to lead a normal life and CML will take a backseat to all of his other activities. I am hoping that Kareem's ordeal and educational will help inform the general public about the miracle of Gleevec.


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babbler said...

I hope you are feeling better and having a nice Thanksgiving! Love from Mrs. Slug

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