Thursday, September 25, 2008

A New Doctor

Yesterday my wife and I returned to Dana-Farber for the first time since the spring. It was probably the most crowded I had ever seen the waiting room. There were also many signs up talking about the crowds and wait time. I was thinking about how sad a statement it was that so many people needed cancer treatment. As much as I dislike being there, I know it is an important part of my treatment.

This was an interesting visit. I had learned about a month ago that my primary oncologist, who I had been working with for several years, was leaving the hospital to work for a drug company. I was being assigned to Dr. Richard Stone who is the head of the adult leukemia program at Dana-Farber. Despite a long wait to see him, he was a very nice guy and we had numerous connections both through myself and my wife's family. I liked his bedside manner and I am fairly particular about this since I teach this class at Brown Medical School.

I received my results from a PCR test I had back in August. My level was again at .002% suggesting molecular remission. This was the same number I has earlier in the summer and is quite low. I was happy to maintain this great level of response. I was even happier to learn that Dr. Stone did not think bone marrow biopsies were all that important for me, especially given my results. My plan is to offset my visits with Dr. Druker and Dr. Stone so that I am seen every 3 months. Interestingly, Dr. Druker and Dr. Stone did their fellowships together. Overall, it was a successful trip.

Adding to the overall theme of cancer week, this weekend is the Light the Night Event and a lot of people are walking. I am worried because it is supposed to rain, but what can you do. This has been an interesting fundraising year. It has been harder to raise money with the state of the economy. Despite this, we are already close to $15,000. I am always humbled by the responses of people who donate to such a worthy charity. It is hard to put into thank you notes what those donations mean to me and my family.

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Anonymous said...

We were happy to be part of Team Gershon and want to thank all of the friends and family who came to support all of us.
Linda and Mike Gershon