Monday, September 29, 2008

Wet the Night

Saturday night turned out to be a wet, but fun affair. The whole weekend was rainy, so we were not sure if the Light the Night walk would go on. I later received an email saying that the walk was happening rain or shine. Saturday afternoon were filled with terrible downpours and I was concerned. It cleared up about 2 hours before the walk, however.

I was very proud of my team. They came out in full force despite the weather. We had about 45 walkers at the event. I found it amusing that Bill Koconis, who is the executive director of the RI chapter of the LLS, said over the microphone that "Cancer does not stop when its raining." That was a good point.

Unfortunately, just as we were getting ready to start the walk, the rain picked up again. It was damp. By the end, almost everyone was completely soaked. My socks needed to be rung out.

Despite all the complications and weather, it was a great event and fundraiser. I was so thrilled and honored to have all of these people there to support me, my family, and the society. People were extremely generous with their donations and it appeared as though our team may have raised the most money again this year. I should know a total fairly soon. Thank you to all of you who supported my efforts.

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Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Jon - I would love to hear more about Light the Night and Team Gershon.

I'd be interested in joining your team and walking to help suppport you and so many others who are affected by this horrible disease.